Wale at Two/Eighteen Meet and Greet in FC Barcelona Home 2013/14 Jersey


Wale came through my home state of Michigan and had a meet and greet at Two/Eighteen clothing store in Royal Oak. Two/Eighteen is a dope store with some great urban brands and the line to meet Wale was down the block. Wale wore a just released Football Club Barcelona Soccer Jersey. I like the colors in the shirt and I feel it’s a rising trend for urban mens fashion. Drake was seen jumping out his new  brand new Bugatti Veyron in Adidas Mario Balotelli AC Milan Third Jersey just last week. I was reminded by a friend that Drake is Canadian and is always in soccer jerseys but I don’t think this will be the last we see of these soccer jerseys. While Wale was in town he requested to meet up with friend of the magazine and dope designer Rohail Khan Malik, seen in the picture above. Rohail is the owner of Khanmind clothing brand. Khanmind is an up and coming line that is getting attention from all over the world. I wont say too much because an interview with Rohail is in the making. But his Fall/Winter collection is set to change men’s fashion forever. Rohail wore a Khanmind Marlboro limited edition t-shirt that sold out online and is only available at your local Khanmind stockist.



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