Bryson Tiller in Vintage Bleach Star Wars Tee

Who isn’t a Star Wars fan? Well, we definitely know Bryson Tiller certainly shares a special fondness for the legendary movie. The emerging 23 year-old singer-songwriter and occasional rapper shared a selfie of him wearing a Star Wars t-shirt by Vintage Bleach  on Instagram and his followers went crazy!

Tiller started receiving massive internet attention from music industry insiders with his breakout single “Don’t”, which he originally released on his SoundCloud page and since then, this young artist has been in news for all the right reasons. Vintage Bleach also posted the picture showing their appreciation towards the star, for giving a kick-start to the new eye-catching collection of t shirts which were recently unveiled by the brand.

After record producer Timbaland and Canadian rapper/singer Drake signed Tiller, he easily got a contract by RCA records and that’s how his debut studio album, T R A P S O U L, became the tune of the young. The style statement set forth by the star has mattered a lot to his fans and so all of his fans keep their eyes glued to his social media accounts. Tillers fans commented in numbers on this picture expressing their same love for the iconic movie and the shirt. This was not the star’s first time Bryson has showed his love for Star Wars. Earlier in October 2015, the star talked about times when he first fell in love with Star Wars. Go follow Bryson on Instagram and check out his music. Also go check out the entire collection by Vintage Bleach (link to site) and tell them that Trend Elements Magazine sent you.


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