Trendsetter of the Month, Damondre Moultrie

Trend Elements Magazine would like to present our Trendsetter of the Month, Damondre Moultrie. Damondre has been a good friend of mine since we were roommates in college. We have been cool ever since and I respect him for being  a young devoted father. Everybody make sure you wish him a happy birthday his birthday is also this month. I am very proud to give him this opportunity to showcase his dope style. I am honored that all these gentlemen so far are willing to represent the magazine every month and help me build a successful fashion blog. Check out Damondre’s crazy answers and the pictures below… Thank you for the support!
Age: 23
Twitter-  _ProfessorCool
1.  Where are you from?
  • A. Born in Sandusky,Oh raised on Schoolcraft!

3. Did you attend college?

  • A. Yeah I went to Northwood University for a couple yrs. Gotta hit the Powerball to afford them now.

3. Do you have any kids?

  • A. Yes, I have two boys. Shout out Jayvon and Elijah.

4. Are you a “sneakerhead”?

  • A. I’m a head!! Since the day they told me the first thing a chick looks at is your shoes lol I’m playing.

5. Top five favorite sneakers of all time?

  • A. Jordan Cool Grey 9, South Beach Lebron 9, Jordan Cool Grey 11’s ice bottom, All White Air Force 1, Classic Gucci Sneaker

6. What does fashion mean to you?

  • A. Get fresh as hell lol naw. Fashion is just another way to express yourself, and a great tool for some it can be a confidence booster.

7. How would you classify your personal style?

  • A. Simple, I just go for whatever catches my eye. I like to match, and I don’t care about a name brand. If when I get dressed and look in the mirror and don’t say “Whoooooooo shhh********” then the fit not right for me.

8. What does fatherhood mean to you?

  • A. Fatherhood means you have a legacy to carry on, you have somebody looking up to you watching your every move hanging off your every word, you got to damn near be perfect for you and them. I love it, going through it made me a better man.

9. Who are your tops five overall NBA players in the league right now?

  • A. Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, and LeBron James.

10. Fashion has definitely been very influential in music, who are some of your favorite artist as far as style?

  • A. T.I probably my favorites far as style and raps.. I also mess with Tyga, Bow Wow lately, and Meek Mill be crispy.

11. What next for Damondre Moultrie?

  • A. Just living man 1 day at a time. Staying focused!

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