THRILL Apparel

Keep an eye out, for up and coming brand “THRILL”. Stemming from the Toronto streets, THRILL is bringing street wear back to it’s organic roots with a modern take-street fashion. THRILL has also built it’s foundation in exclusivity, by limiting quantity of their collections to prevent the over saturation so many brands have fallen victim to.



As well as offering very musically influenced ideas for some of their graphic shirts, reminiscent  of 80’s and 90’s band T-shirts,   with a renovation of today’s popular artist, such as the “YEEZY” T-shirt (as seen in picture).

Drawing much inspiration from early New York and Japanese Streetwear brands, THRILL is bringing a refreshing outlook into the world of Streetwear. I personally do like the collection and overall brand. For more details you can visit them at or on Twitter @THRILLAPPAREL
Written by Antoine Levelle

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