T.I.- AKOO Clothing “Trap Back Jumpin” Video

ti3T.I. released a new video of his new Trouble Man album. The new single “Trap Back Jumpin” and its visual is T.I.P. getting his trap back jumping taking care of his customers. I am feeling the song and it’s another hit off his album. T.I. as usual is a walking billboard for his clothing line. I respect him for that. He is a celebrity and seen by many people.  Also who is a better person to rock your clothing line than you.  He is rocking an AKOO Clothing brand Flawge Sweatshirt (Forrest Night) and matching hat. I found the crewneck but the hat was not featured on the site.  The hat and crewneck combo is very nice and I like the words on the back of the crew “The Weak Shall be Eaten”. Akoo always has some great products and stays above the trend. Go check out his line and the new video below…


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