Stööki X Topman Men’s Luxury Jewelry Line “Geodesic”‘


Stööki, is an independent jewelry and apparel line based out of London. Stööki has evolved with every themed collections with its founders  Quincey Cassell Williams, Naida and Luke Hippolyte also known as the Stööki Craft Makers at the helm. They interpret their philosophy of Sound, Vision and Play through a lifestyle that speaks to many different genres.  The brand’s main concept is the following:

The main concept behind the Stööki Label, is within the unique duo design. Marrying a jewelry piece with the garment, transforming graphic art into a 3D form. As each collection evolves, you will have a chance to experience the Stööki lifestyle. Through a series of curated events, Stööki personally invites you to participate and join the movement.


This is the first time Topman have ever introduced a luxury jewelry label to menswear. This is also Stooki’s first collaborative jewelry project.  The ‘Geodesic” collection is a collection that focuses on form, layering and innovation. This is definitely a dope collection that consists of chains, rings and much more.  I cant wait to see the full collection and I know it will sellout fast. I can see celebrities and socialists like Miguel, Usher, Ugo Mozie and more rocking this collection. The collection is meant to highlight and accentuate the everyday men’s clothing with distinct pieces like a pair of lavish collar tips or a sharp button cover to add luxury to any men’s garment even streetwear.

Topman jewelry buyer, Laura Brand, feels “the decision to collaborate with Stööki was an easy one as this signifies an important and exciting move for Topman in supporting emerging talent. Their style and ethos is so significant that it stands out and makes the range a unique exciting offering for the “Topman customer’.

Stööki Creative Strategist, Quincey Williams, says of the collection: ‘Stooki is really excited to be working with Topman on this collection, particularly as our collection brings a luxurious addition to the existing ranges. Our journey as a brand is rapidly evolving and we welcome everyone to get involved in all the action.”  The limited edition range with be available in the following Topman branches: Oxford Circus, Topman General Store, Manchester, LA, New York and online. Price points  range from $20-$90 and are the ultimate objects of desire for all style-conscious shoppers.

The collection release date is the 28th of November for online, London, Manchester, LA, New York (available to ship to worldwide). Go to online to Stööki or Topman websites to purchase.

 Watch the Stööki X Topman Men’s Luxury Jewellery Line “Geodesic”‘ Video Teaser

Stööki x Topman – Geodesic Collection (Teaser) from Stooki Craft Makers on Vimeo.

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