Model On The Move: Erric The Model Interview


Erric Hall also known as Erric the Model is originally from the west side of Detroit and a Cody High School graduate. Erric is now a working model living in Los Angeles signed to Pinkerton Model Agency.  I connected with Erric through businesswoman Fatima T., who is also doing great things all over the country. Trend Elements Magazine is honored to write about a distinguished young man who is promoting positivity and going after his dreams. Erric was great throughout this interview and I can’t wait to see him in high fashion prints and runways all over the globe. Check out all of Erric pictures and our complete interview below. Follow Erric on Instagram and Twitter.



1. If you could use one word to describe yourself what is it and why?

A. If I could use one word to describe myself I would say “Smooth” because that’s everyone else’s description of me. I’m a very laid back, nonchalant, easygoing kind of guy.  

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A. 5 years from now I see myself in Paris doing high fashion, preferably before then. 

3. If you could impact the world in one way how would you do that and why? 

A. If I could impact the world in one way I would shed light on the fact that Christ is the way to prosperity. My reason for doing so is because I believe that’s everyone’s purpose whom God has equipped with a gift or talent.


4. Why did you choose a career in modeling?

I chose a career in modeling because I had a vision one day that felt so real it moved me to tears, in this vision I was a world renown male supermodel walking the runway in Paris. In that moment I said ok God & ran with it. 

5. Why Pinkerton Model Agency?

A. The reason I signed with Pinkerton Models LA, Well about two days after submitting online the CEO emailed me and asked that I come into the office to meet with her in person, upon my arrival she was sold and began to tell me why she needed me & what Pinkerton could offer me. Pinkerton is known for theatrical, commercial, & women’s fashion but they would also like to be known for Men’s Fashion, & that’s where I come in. I needed an Agency, they needed a guy that could compete in a high fashion lane.. Problem solved 

6. If you could walk the runway to any song what would it be?

A. If I could walk the runway to any song it would be Jay-Z featuring Pharrell “Excuse Me Miss” 

7. Who are your fashion inspirations?

A. I have to say my fashion inspirations include Tyson Beckford of course for reaching supermodel status as a black male, as well as David Gandy, Noah Mills, & Sean O’pry.


8. Do you eat nutritious food regularly?

A. I eat nutritious foods but I don’t lol… Honestly I eat what I want I just so happen to like a lot of healthy foods as well.

9. How often do you exercise or go to the gym?

A. I workout twice a week, which isn’t much but I’m a slender naturally ripped guy and I’m content with my size. 

10. Any upcoming projects, photo shoots or campaigns?

A. As far as upcoming projects I’m walking in Africa Fashion & Art Week this weekend, as well as LA Fashion week, & LA Emerging Designers Fashion Week.

11. If you could walk the runway for any designer who would it be? 

A. At this moment if I could walk for any designer it would be Balenciaga. 


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