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I got the chance to interview the founders of The Whyl, clothing brand-Desmond, Somto, and Kene.  I have been following the brand for months now and they continue to push their designs to the next level. I am a huge fan of their designs and know they are getting bigger by the day. I really like that they have some really dope designs but don’t over charge their customers. I would like to thank the owners of The Whyl brand for the opportunity to interview them. Checkout our interview and pictures below. Go support the brand at

1.    When and where was Whyl founded?

A. The WHYL was founded in Raleigh, NC in 2012. It’s virtually a positive movement created by positive people, with goals to motivate the world.

2.    What does “Whyl” mean?

A. WHYL is a lifestyle brand that encompasses all that’s GREAT about life.  The WHYL serves as a daily reminder to push the limits, test your creativity, drive your potential, and do whatever makes YOU happy.  Overall just BE GREAT! When you’re WHYLin you know it, because nothing else matters.

3.    Why did you start the brand?

A. We started the brand because of the local movement it created in the Triangle between the years of 2008-2012. We knew we had the ability to positively impact people through the WHYL and wanted to make sure we took advantage. The WHYL is essentially a positive movement created by positive people.


4.    What’s next for the brand?

A. As we continue to establish ourselves as a premier clothing brand, the WHYL has it sights set on several entertainment ventures as well as expansion to the West Coast. Time to take things up a notch. In the words of Meek Mill, “its Levels to this  $***!”


5.    Where do you find your inspiration?

A. We find my inspirations from anything, and almost anywhere.  Other streetwear brands definitely inspire me as well. Brands like 10 deep, Staple, The Hundreds, Black scale, Diamond, Undefeated, Supreme, Pink Dolphin, Revolution Riche, SNDVL…and the list can go on forever. All those brands have accomplished what we are still working on. #salute


6.    What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers?

A. Dream BIG! Also stay true to your vision despite what others may think.  Also and this is key, carry around a note pad. You never know when you might find some inspiration.


7.    What are the most challenging and the best part of being a designer?

A. The most challenging thing about being a designer is understanding that a clothing line is more than just quality designs.  There are many other aspects that can add or take away from the designs.  The best part about being a designer is to see your creation come to life. From concept to sample from sample to complete line, it feels great.


8.    What does fashion mean to you?

A. Fashion to me is a form of art.  I feel like fashion is my way to display my personality to the outside world.  Fashion is not just about buying a bunch of designer labels and putting them on, it’s about taking clothes and making them tell a story or give off a specific aura.


9.    How do we get information and products?

Al Definitely hit for all your WHYL needs. We are all over social media as well follow our brand on Instagram @theWHYL or on Twitter @WHYLlifestyle.


10.What do you want to say to your supporters?

A. To everyone that has supported us so far we want to say thank you and your support means the world.  The WHYL is a movement of the people.  We are blessed that you all are not only just wearing our clothes but are actually becoming a part of the movement.  We are excited to keep growing as a brand and to see what the future holds…\

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