Civil Regime Fall 2015 “Member” Collection

fall15 pack - pg 2

Civil Regime dropped its new Fall 2015 “Member” collection last Friday and it is dope as fuck!!! This collection continues with the minimalist aesthetic with the black and whites while keeping you trendy and warm this fall. This collection includes fall classics like bomber jackets, hoodies and sweatpants but also includes long zip and even drop tees. Go check out this dope fall collection at Civil Regime’s online store. Read below what Civil defines as a member. Are you a member?

fall15 pack - pg 1
Member (n.)
A distinct part of a whole
When you feel like you’re in a world of your own. Your passion for difference has blinded you. Your peripherals and your focus has consumed you
We Welcome you
When you’re in your darkest hour with back against the wall and your down on your knees- but you’ve found the light to rise again
We welcome you
Those who fall to rise again; the will to stare at obstacles head on and let nothing stand in there way
We welcome you
The “Member” Collection is an ode to those who put it all on the line and are willing to earn their stripes



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