CeoSlow in Gucci Pre-Fall 17

Ceoslow in Gucci

Designer and Lifestyle Curator, Slow (CeoSlow) posted a picture on Instagram last week in a red Gucci velour hoodie and short set. The look is from Gucci’s pre-fall 2017 collection. The large dragon appliqué at the front is thought to represent a symbol of power, strength and good luck and speaks to the Asian influence seen throughout the collection. The athletic influenced shorts in plush velvet jersey. Across the hem of one leg is the word Gucci in Gothic-style lettering. Slow finished the look with a pair of white and red retro Jordan 1’s. This a dope look if you can afford the almost 3k price tag. 


With Alessandro Michele at the helm, Gucci has made a triumphant return to its historic greatness. Alessandro brought a new flavor to the notable brand. 

Slow has been apart of the fashion community for years as a designer for his own brand, Slowbucks. He continues to push the limits of fashion with different color schemes, textures, etc.


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