Brand To Watch: Ruff Diamonds NYC & Designer Nadi P.

I ran across a dope line on Twitter and Instgram a few weeks ago called Ruff Diamonds NYC. The owner and designer Nadi P, is a young African-American woman trying hard to build a men’s fashion line. I love Nadi’s real and determined personality. It was easy to noticed that her heart and passion is in her business.  This brand is definitely one to watch with its signature logo crewneck and I cant wait to see what she drops in the future. Thanks to Nadi P and Ruff Diamonds NYC for the opportunity. Check out her answers to my questions, and pictures below. Make sure you shot her an email for purchasing…. / Instagram- RuffDiamondsNYC
 1. Where are you from?
  • A.I’m from The City That Never Sleeps! Harlem to be exact.
2.Are you currently in school?
  • A. I’m currently not in school. I’ve attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, took a break, and now I’m planning on going back to school for film directing/production.
3. Why did you start the brand?
  • A. I started this brand because I’m a big fan of streetwear clothing. I wanted to be a designer and have been designing since junior high throughout high school. At that time, I was designing women’s wear. Until I got to college and realized I lost my interest for women’s wear is when I fell in love with designing street wear.
4. Why the name “Ruff Diamonds NYC”?
  • A. I chose Ruff Diamonds NYC because the meaning, “A Diamond In The Rough, ” has such a deep meaning that I can relate to and that I know a lot of other people can relate to. ‘ A Diamond In The Rough’ means someone who has a hidden talent/talents who has potential that will make them stand out from the rest. I wanted a name that can relate to my customers/supporters and not just a name because it sounds cool. Ever since I let my mind and heart go to work with this brand,  I’ve actually started to become a happier person.
 5. How old are you?
  • A. I just turned 22 yesterday! Lol

6. What are your plans for the future of the brand?

  • A. I have a whole list of plans that will be next for my brand and designs. Just have to wait and see what’s next. (Wink, wink!). But Summer 2013 is looking crazy! As of shows, I’ve been looking forward to being in a few showcases and shows. I was actually planning on being apart of a showcase in Long Beach, California in May, but I just might be attending instead this year. Maybe next year!

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